Vogt P34 AL (Ammonia) 1½” tube – complete

For Sale !!!

Vogt P34 AL (Ammonia) 1½” tube – complete – the only one of its kind in Australia

The larger the ice the longer it lasts – common size throughout Southeast Asia.

Have an edge on the competition

Ice Making Machine – 40/44 Tons per day  Inc:

8cyl Vilta 454XL Compressor (New) Big Bore

New Electrical Freestanding Switchboard

Receiver Tank

Slot Pot

Condensor BAC (Near New)

Ice Catcher & Auger – for direct bagging (if needed)
8m Cross Auger to a Keith Russell  2007 Rake Bin – 30+ Ton – 4m x 4m x 6m A1 condition. The auger
from the rake bin has an ice crushing machine for flake ice. Flake Ice is largly used for the concreting business.

Assorted Steel Pipes



Please call Bob Watson on (08) 9356 1020 or 0408 095 304 for any further details

Conveyor for Sale

Conveyor for Sale

3 Phase power, new electrics, overhauled motor, lanyard safety lines, wet/dry grip belt.

Complies with ASC for Conveyors.
Price $5500.00

Further details please contact:
Nigel Squirres, Metro Ice, Hamilton Hill, WA.
Ph: 08 9335 2241 Fax: 08 6267 8140