The ICE Industry Code of Practice

How to access the Code of Practice

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This ‘Code of Practice and Food Safety Plan’ has been developed for the Ice Industry and to assist Health and Environment officers in their inspection work.

This is a voluntary Code of  Practice developed by the Packaged Ice Association of Australasia to be used where ice is manufactured, stored or handled in any way whatsoever.

The Code of Practice will be enforced throughout the membership of PIAA through the rules and regulations of the Association.
It can be utilised by Regulatory Authorities as a Standard in non PIAA member establishments.

The Code of Practice will assist members in fully understanding what is expected when dealing with practices and procedures involving ice.  The information in this code forms part of supportive information to the generic PIAA Food Safety Plan.
PIAA will ensure the Code Of Practice is widely distributed throughout the food industry where ice is processed or used.  PIAA will also endeavour to arrange avenues of training for its members to assist in the practical implements of this Code of Practice.


The Code of Practice is divided into the following areas:

  • Structural/Maintenance.
  • Operational/Manufacturing Practices.
  • Personal Hygiene/Food safety Practices.
  • Cleaning & Sanitizing.
  • Pest Control.
  • Records.
  • Training.

Code of Practice

Code of Practice